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Holy Matrimony

The Sacrament of Marriage is a covenant, which is more than a contract.

The marriage covenant refers to the relationship between the husband and wife, a permanent union of persons capable of knowing and loving each other and God. It is a sacrament bringing the ongoing power of the Holy Spirit to the relationship and signifying the union of Christ with the Church. The commitment of marriage implies mutual support and affection and total faithfulness to one another in body and spirit. As the couple grows together through life, their love will be directed toward fruitfulness, family, and hospitality toward others.

A couple intending marriage should approach the pastor or deacon as soon as possible after engagement.

Saint Anselm follows the common policy of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis that requires an assessment phase and a preparation phase for individuals before their marriage. A minimum of six months will be needed between initial contact and the marriage. The priest or deacon will outline the different options available, and the Director of Music will assist the couple with wedding music preparation. To start the planning process, please contact the Parish Office at 314.878.2120 or parishoffice@stanselmstl.org.

Marriage Preparation Couples

These couples are teams of spouses trained to help couples prepare for marriage. A team meets with an engaged couple for four sessions covering various aspects of Christian marriage and family life. Preparation for second marriages is also available.

If you are interested in volunteering for this service, please contact Fr. Aidan McDermott at314.878.2120, ext. 12 or at fraidan@stanselmstl.org.

The Engaged

The first step is to call the parish office at 314.878.2120. The parish makes the basic arrangements, takes the couple through the pre-nuptial inquiry and FOCUS, and discusses the ceremony itself (readings, music, etc.). The next step is one of the following preparations: Engaged Encounter, Weekends for the Engaged, weekend programs, Preparing for Christian Marriage, or a series of videos and talks at various parishes. For information on any of the above, call the Family Life Office at 314.792.7173. We also have parish couples who discuss the same material. They may be reached through the pastor, or other priest planning to preside at the wedding.

The Married

Marriage Encounter is a program to make good marriages better.

  • If you are interested, please call 314.649.7317.

Retrouvaille is a program for troubled marriages. Like Marriage Encounter, it is a weekend program, but has a different focus.

  • If you are interested, please call 314.523.0586