How to Register

Going to a church is different from being a registered member. You are Catholic and welcome in every Catholic church. But you need to commit yourself to a parish. Please register. We want to know that you are one of us.

Most times, registration is determined by geography. Parishes have boundaries but very few refuse membership to those outside the borders. Proximity does not rule everything regarding registration. St. Anselm Parish boundaries are north of Clayton Road, east of Woods Mill Road (141), west of a line from Clayton Road to Mosley Road and south along Ladue Road to a line between Ladue Road and Mason Road to Woods Mill Road (141).

Call Deacon Charlie Durban at St. Anselm Parish to register (314) 878-2120. Deacon Charlie will set up a convenient time to meet at the Parish Office and help you register.

Or, download the Parish Membership form, complete the form and call the office to schedule a visit with us.

If you have a specific interest—getting married, having a child baptized, having the Sacraments brought to a shut-in, religious education, the RCIA, or liturgical music—there is a place on the registration form to let us know about that interest.

Before two months pass, you will get a set of contribution envelopes that are provided to remind you of our common stewardship, our obligation to continue the work we do in Christ’s Name. Your regular financial support lets those in the Parish leadership–the Staff, the Parish Council, the Finance Committee–plan realistically for the future of our Parish. A further advantage of envelopes for you is that we make a tax statement available for you at the end of each year. We cannot keep track of your contributions and issue the tax statement unless you are registered and using envelopes.

As long as we can be sure that you still are actively participating, you will receive mail from the Parish Office. If you do not get mail from us, you are not registered. Abbey and Priory School mail is not the same as Parish mail.