Facility Use

St. Anselm Facilities

The many activities of an active Parish require facilities for meetings, social gatherings and athletics. To maintain our facilities and coordinate their use requires guidelines, which are intended to best serve the needs of all.

St. Anselm Parish Centre
This building houses the Parish Offices and offers use of the Auditorium and various classrooms for Parish or Archdiocesan sponsored events for religious, education or charitable purposes.

Parish House
This facility is used for small group gatherings.

Only Parish, Archdiocesan organizations or sports leagues (in which St. Anselm participates) may use any of our Parish facilities.
Permission must be obtained from our Director of Business Administration, Suzanne Hoops, in the event of a non-Parish affiliated event. The normal procedure for use of the Parish facilities is to write or phone the Parish Office, 314.878.2120, to communicate the day/time/facility requested. Guidelines, clean-up and key policies will be explained.