Parish Administration

The Pastor

Fr. Michael Brunner, O.S.B., acting on behalf of the Archbishop, has the spiritual care of the parishioners. As a leader of the people of God, he works to help them become a living community of faith through worship, community life, service and instruction in the faith.

The Pastor Emeritus

Fr. Gerard Garrigan, O.S.B., assists the pastor in all of these aims. Some of the priests’ many responsibilities are to celebrate Mass and preach the word of God, celebrate other Sacraments, visit the sick at home or in the hospital. The Pastor or Pastor Emeritus should be consulted about funeral arrangements upon the death of a parishioner. They are also available for spiritual guidance and counseling.

The Pastor and Pastor Emeritus are assisted by a STAFF that includes a Pastoral Associate/Director of Liturgy, Director of Religious Education, Director of Business Administration, Pastoral Minister, Director of Music, Director of Youth Ministry, Parish Secretaries and Maintenance Staff.

Permanent Diaconate

Permanent deacons have both a liturgical role and a service role. These may be exercised in or beyond the parish.

Permanent deacons are clerics who can perform all of the functions associated with their order. These include proclaiming the Gospel, preaching the homily, assisting the priest at Mass, celebrating Baptism, distributing Communion, presiding at funeral and burial services (but not celebrating the funeral Mass), acting as the official witness at weddings and exercising certain ecclesiastical offices. Men 32 years of age or older who wish to consider this service should consult the Pastor.

Jim Sigillito, Charlie Durban and Steve Wohlert are our Deacons.


Business matters are handled by the Director of Business Administration, Suzanne Hoops. Special events and parish facility use are also coordinated through that office. For the convenience of parishioners a Notary Public is available in the Parish Office.

  • Call (314) 878-2120 for more information.