Parish Team & Council


rmd92pd4bozwmugx3vnoslioq1l.jpg Rev. Aidan McDermott, O.S.B.
314.878.2120, ext. 12
314.456.1302 (night emergencies only)
dn6q3aws0vj6m4e6wzbx9mc07sl.jpg Rev. Benedict Allin, O.S.B.
Sr. Sr. Priest in Residence
76pf6vk5c9txuthke0dhpubhqnl.jpg Rev. Gerard Garrigan, O.S.B.
Pastor Emeritus
etamo35azx64d11rb8yvc0k9h4l.jpg Rev. Finbarr Dowling
Jr. Sr. Priest in Residence
  Deacon Charles Durban
ml31kdziaoaf4xty5cjid69z0fl.jpg Linda Borchardt
Pastoral Minister, RCIA
314.878.2120, ext. 19
hc79q6wmy891gkpm6rrcj6wfxyl.jpg Marge Meiners
Director of Religious Education (DRE)
314.878.2120, ext. 17
dhgc33yqme1mwgi9tncy677wq4l.png Courtney Rockamann
Youth Minister
314.878.2120, ext. 18
jf9zesy8ymtscpdzgw5u18j407l.jpg Dr. Andrzej Zahorski
Director of Music
314.878.2120, ext. 14
vq2lv55fin2myhdb5tl9gu4pifl.jpg Carmen Hinze
Youth Music Minister
ssxq5xx2zt58aqkv7v1oi289asl.jpg Vanessa Crescio
Director of Business Administration
314.878.2120, ext. 16
pyc83yoex19v7gt32dyodffnb6l.jpg Karen Krueger
Parish Secretary
314.878.2120, ext. 10

Larry Braymiller


Parish Council

The Parish Council is a consultative body, mandated by the Archbishop of St. Louis, whose purpose is to consider all-important matters in the life of the Parish and to advise the Pastor in matters concerning the good of the parish community. Each Neighborhood has a representative on the Parish Council and is chosen for a three-year term. The Archdiocesan guidelines for a Parish Council state that a parish must have a Finance Committee and also committees for worship, education, and social concerns. Our Parish has a Finance Committee and a Worship Committee, whose chairpersons are appointed by the Pastor. The professional persons on the Parish Staff handle the educational concerns for children, teens, and adults. The Parish Council handles social concerns. The Grand Endeavor Committee and the Haiti Committee also handle social concerns. Other subcommittees of the Parish Council are formed each year to deal with the current priorities of the Council. 

The Parish Council Members

  • Fr. Aidan McDermott, O.S.B., Pastor
  • Mark Steiner – President
  • Geoffrey Gorse – Secretary
  • Don Beckley
  • Kerry Cavanaugh
  • Don Hulslander
  • Bruce Jacobs
  • Fred Lohmann
  • Mary Ann McGuire
  • Annamarie Porter
  • Sam Sciortino
  • Mary Goedde