Saint Vincent de Paul

Saint Vincent de Paul Society is an organization of men and women of our parish dedicated to the service and aid of the poor and needy of St. Louis and surrounding areas.

Meetings are every Saturday morning at 8:30, following 7:30 Mass. After coffee, pastries and a short meeting, the members visit the homes of people requesting assistance. Usually traveling in pairs, SVDP members try to determine the most pressing needs of the individual or family and offer help. Weekly attendance is not mandatory but the esprit de corps is such that most attend frequently.

  • If you are interested, please contact Bob Becherer, President. He is listed in the Parish Guide Book.
  • Officers include:
    Bob Becherer – President
    Jim Ryan – Vice President
    Allen Callahan – Vice President
    Julia Heditsian – Home Visit Coordinator
    John Zeman – Home Visit Dispatcher
    Rich Abell – Secretary
    Tom Hunter – Treasurer
    Dave Schopp – Deputy Treasurer

    St. Vincent de Paul St. Anselm Conference Report for October 2014 through September 2015

    1. Home visits: 696
    2. People helped: 1825
    3. Of that 1825 people helped, 755 were children
    4. Conference members donated approximately 5,069 hours of service
    5. Conference members drove approximately 21,575 miles in service to our mission of helping the poor
    6. Total in-kind goods & services distributed (estimated with very low conservative values) $87,399
    7. 80 members

    St. Anselm Parish Society of St. Vincent De Paul

    Home visits continue at an average of between 8 to 12 calls each Saturday. Needs are greater than we’ve ever experienced.

    1. 1. Our clients have delayed making utility payments. Now facing disconnection
    2. 2. Similarly, rent and mortgage payments are late; adding late fees and extraordinary amounts due to avoid eviction
    3. 3. Some being forced to move out of current home due to foreclosures
    4. 4. Many SVDP conferences are short of funds to handle calls in their boundaries
    5. 5. Immigrants and refugees continue to be 50% of all calls
    6. 6. St. Anselm Parishioners are awesome in their generosity:
    7. 7. Food drive contributions continue to increase each month (in conjunction with Donut Sunday)
    8. 8. Saving valuable dollars that had previously been spent on replenishing our food pantry
    9. 9. Allowing us to continue to provide a significant amount of food to each family we visit
    10. 10. Thank you to the parish staff for the publicity in the bulletin and to Deacon Charlie for the timely announcements from the pulpit
    11. 11. Furniture donations are always appreciated
    12. 12. Beds are always in demand

November 2014 Report

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2014 Christmas Benefit Breakfast

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