From the Pastor's Desk

From the Pastor's Desk

Political Obligations

Posted by Renee Molner on 3/01/18

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Anyone who says they are not interested in politics is like a drowning man who insists he is not interested in water.” If there is anything that has been raised over the last two years, it is our political consciousness. Politics is unavoidable, even if ... Read More »

A Change in Lifestyle

Posted by Renee Molner on 2/22/18

Last week I mentioned that I had given my classes evaluations to fill out. In the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church class, one struck me. The second last unit in this course is about the environment and Pope Francis’ encyclical “Laudato Si.” In answer to the question “what ... Read More »

Town Hall Meeting

Posted by Renee Molner on 2/15/18

Happy first full week of Lent; Saint Benedict says Lent should be a happy time, so I hope you are enjoying it so far. But if Lent is not your happy style, then Happy Year of the Dog, the Chinese New Year which began last Friday. The Persian New ... Read More »

Making Ourselves Ready

Posted by Renee Molner on 2/08/18

Last Friday, I had a class last period of the day. And I gave the class a quiz. Neither the students or I were happy about the timing or the activity, so when the quiz was over, neither I nor they felt like progressing further along in the curriculum ... Read More »

An Auspicious Day

Posted by Renee Molner on 2/02/18

The date of this Sunday, February 4, is a rather auspicious day for some things. I was surprised to learn of all the positive people born on this day: the Polish American patriot Tadeusz Kosciusko, after whom was named the beautiful bridge that connects Brooklyn and Queens; Charles Lindbergh, ... Read More »

Plenty of Good News

Posted by Renee Molner on 1/26/18

There’s a lot I could write about this week: the Marches in Washington, one Pro-Life and one Pro-Women; the government shutdown; the meteor in Michigan; the rapidly melting ice sheets and starving polar bears; 13 children held prisoner by their parents for years. These stories remind us that in ... Read More »

Prayer for Christian Unity

Posted by Renee Molner on 1/22/18

We are in the middle of the annual week of prayer for Christian unity. Unity is a crying need for the body of Christ, which the Church is. It is a crying shame that some in the Church, our Church, push their agendas which cause disunity. I read last ... Read More »

Skeletons in the Closet

Posted by Renee Molner on 1/10/18

This Christmas was unusual in my family. Both of my brothers came to Rochester and spent Christmas with my sister. I joked it was a reunion of the Pre-Baby Boom Brunners. I was surprised then by an email last week from my closest brother referencing a conversation my siblings ... Read More »

Looking at the Moon

Posted by Renee Molner on 1/05/18

On the day this bulletin is distributed, the temperature is supposed to be above freezing. That is a welcome change from the last two weeks. Below freezing is bad enough, but it has also been below zero. But it could be worse. “Absolute zero” is −459.67°. At that temperature ... Read More »

Like Father, Like Son

Posted by Renee Molner on 12/18/17

The onward march of time provides new perspectives as we march along with it.When I was 14 years old, I was able to visit the town in which I was born, Davenport, Iowa. My family moved back to Rochester before I was two years old, so I knew nothing ... Read More »


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