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Extra-Ordinary Time

Jan 20, 2019

Jesus did this as the beginning of his signs at Cana in Galilee and so revealed his glory, and his disciples began to believe in him.

This week we entered into the Liturgical Season of Ordinary Time. This is the longest stretch of the liturgical year. We will be wearing, for the most part, green vestments. The color green is one of hope and growth. It is in this time that the readings for the Mass teach us about the life of Christ. We read about His many beautiful miracles, His life and teachings, and His Passion, Death, and Glorious Resurrection. The Church teaches us that the other major times of the Liturgical Year, Christmas and Easter, strengthen us to persevere through the long Ordinary Time of the year.

In this time of the Liturgical year, we shouldn’t look at this time as Ordinary. Time is in itself extraordinary, time is a progression of moments and in those moments God’s grace and beauty are fully present. Beauty says St Thomas Aquinas, “is that which is pleasing at being seen or perceived.”

One of the most beautiful times of the day for me is just before the sun comes up and just after it goes down. The light during those times of the day is so bright and warm. Full of hope and goodness. These times are even more beautiful when we’re near water or on a beach. We all have our own places of beauty in the world we’ve visited and traveled to, pieces of art and music, that move us at our deepest level. But we believe there is something more beyond these beautiful things and places we see with our eyes. Beauty is something that touches the soul and the heart and beauty reminds us we have a soul we have a heart.

The heart of beauty is in the eye of God- He is perfect beauty. We see reflections of God’s beauty first in the world He created around us. In the natural world, the order of the stars, the moon, the sun, the unique patterns of each snowflake, the order of the seasons, all these reflect the beauty and order of God.

We see the reflection of the beauty of God in the human person. The order of the human body, soul, intellect, and mind. We see His beauty in the goodness of life itself. In spiritual and good friendships and relationships when we are open to grace we can see the beauty and hear the beautiful voice of God in these friendships. His voice speaking to us in the beautiful silence of our hearts.

For us Catholics we see the beauty of God in the liturgy. In the architecture of the Church. In the sacred music. In the movements of the ministers. Beauty in sacred music and art are not just something that touches our feelings and emotions but move the soul our true selves beyond our weakness and sufferings.

Let us pray for each other in these coming long weeks of the Churches year to see the beauty of God in our lives and those places and people around us. May our Lord pour His goodness and life into us in these weeks as we prepare to enter into the Holy Season of Lent; in preparation for the joyful and glorious, the beautiful time of Easter. Let us pray in these times to see the beauty- to be open to the beauty around us. In the created world, in the liturgy, in our prayer, in our own family and friendships, in a world which, at times seems to be conquered by darkness and ugliness- that our hope may always be in the goodness and beauty of our Savior.


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