March 2018 archive of From the Pastor's Desk

March 2018 archive of From the Pastor's Desk

Happy Easter!

Posted by Renee Molner on 3/28/18

A few days ago, we heard Pontius Pilate ask Jesus, “What is truth?” These days it can be hard to tell what the truth is, and it’s not “fake news” I’m talking about. It’s things like this… you can find in many places on the internet this quote from ... Read More »

Living in Paradise

Posted by Renee Molner on 3/22/18

It is Palm Sunday, and it is finally Spring. But I have already had 5 days of summer in Haiti, where there was bright sunshine and temperatures in the 90’s every day. Before too long, some of that kind of weather will be here too.The pictures on this Sunday’s ... Read More »

Popes and Saints

Posted by Renee Molner on 3/14/18

Five years ago, on Wednesday, March 13, wisps of white smoke rose from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City to announce to the world that we had a new Pope. A short time later, Pope Francis was introduced to the world through the crowd gathered in ... Read More »

Thank you, from Haiti

Posted by Renee Molner on 3/07/18

This Sunday I am not in Saint Louis. I am celebrating the Fourth Sunday of Lent, traditionally called Laetare Sunday, at the parish of Saint Michel in Boucan-Carré, Haiti. I have travelled here with Brian Cody and Bob Kelly of our Haiti Committee, and also our Youth Minister Courtney ... Read More »

Political Obligations

Posted by Renee Molner on 3/01/18

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Anyone who says they are not interested in politics is like a drowning man who insists he is not interested in water.” If there is anything that has been raised over the last two years, it is our political consciousness. Politics is unavoidable, even if ... Read More »


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