July 2017 archive of From the Pastor's Desk

July 2017 archive of From the Pastor's Desk

True Wonders

Posted by Renee Molner on 7/28/17

There are wonderful things around us if we just open our eyes to see them. After driving over 4,500 miles on my vacation, this truth has never been impressed on me with such power. How could I not have seen these wonders so close to us?It is truly amazing ... Read More »

The Eclipse

Posted by Renee Molner on 7/20/17

Don’t worry… too much. You have a month to prepare… for the worst. But as the saying goes, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.On Monday, August 21 this year, a total eclipse of the sun will slice a 70-mile-wide path of darkness through the state of ... Read More »

The Secret of Fatima

Posted by Renee Molner on 7/14/17

So there is a piece of news I might have said something about, but I didn’t. At the time I couldn’t work it in. So better late than never. Fatima is an unusual name in the Christian west. It is the name of Muhammad’s youngest daughter who became the ... Read More »

Free as a Bird

Posted by Renee Molner on 7/07/17

Enough seriousness. Birds fly south for the winter, north for the summer. Me too. I’ve been going to Haiti in the winter and to upstate New York and Canada during the summer. I am a bird person.Before I came to the monastery, I had 25 parrots. I had a ... Read More »


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