March 2017 archive of From the Pastor's Desk

March 2017 archive of From the Pastor's Desk

Twilight Zone

Posted by Jodie Smith on 3/30/17

I have had a few “Twilight Zone” moments in my life. One occurred about seven years ago at a dinner to which I was invited. There were four tables of ten, and the attendees were 31 adults and 9 teenagers. The tables of ten were tight, so the hosts ... Read More »

Boucan Carre

Posted by Jodie Smith on 3/23/17

On March 13, Bob Kelly, Brian Cody, and I arrived at the Matthew 25 Guest House in Port au Prince, Haiti. We had come to visit the school and parish in Boucan Carre and inspect the two buildings St. Anselm Parish erected there. You will perhaps remember that on ... Read More »

We Are Family

Posted by Jodie Smith on 3/23/17

March 19 is the date of the Feast of Saint Joseph, patron of the Universal Catholic Church. Because the 19th falls on Sunday, we celebrate St. Joseph’s day on Monday. St. Joseph is also the patron of the working man and woman, home sellers, the sick, immigrants, fathers, travelers, ... Read More »

Irrational Exuberance

Posted by Jodie Smith on 3/23/17

1956 was a banner year! Dwight D. Eisenhower won a landslide victory for a second term as President. The World Series went an exciting seven games and was won by the New York Yankees (whose stadium is in the Bronx) over the Brooklyn Dodgers. Yogi Berra, Whitey Ford, Mickey ... Read More »

Integral Ecology

Posted by Jodie Smith on 3/23/17

Next Sunday, at all our Masses, we will be having visitors from Hyde Park. If you are from New York, like me, you might expect them to be from the Hudson River Valley and the area around the estate of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Or someone, like Father Timothy, might ... Read More »

Dust to Dust

Posted by Jodie Smith on 3/23/17

“Remember that you are dust and to dust you will return.”

I don’t need to be reminded of that this year. My birthday falls on Mardis Gras, so I will approach Ash Wednesday freshly aged. Every year a dear friend here in the Parish has an upbeat take on ... Read More »

Look on the Bright Side

Posted by Jodie Smith on 3/23/17

It’s safe to talk about the weather. It is totally beyond our control. When the weather is bad, nobody is to blame… it’s no one’s fault. When the weather is good, everyone is happy and no one can claim the credit.

But at least one thing has puzzled me. ... Read More »


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