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Mark Steiner: A Humble Parish Council President

Dec 12, 2018

Although many may recognize Mark Steiner now as the president of the Parish Council, he wasn’t always so involved in the Parish.

Mark and his wife, Linda, are both native St. Louisans. When they moved back to St. Louis after spending six years in Indianapolis, they landed in West County, and St. Anselm was simply the closest parish.

For years, they’ve attended the 7:30 a.m. Sunday Mass, and they signed up for the 6 p.m. Tuesday adoration slot. And that was it—for awhile. But after encouragement from Fr. Michael Brunner and a few other parishioners, Mark and Linda both felt called to get more involved.

Ron Sulewski, who shared their 6 p.m. adoration hour, invited Mark to check out the Parish Council. Finally, Mark did, and he’s served in some capacity for three years. Linda joined the Women’s Fellowship, and they started coming around Parish activities more and more.

“The more we got involved, the more people we met, the more fun we had—it’s just a big part of our lives now,” Mark said.
Now, he is happy to give his talents to the Parish and help it continue to flourish.

“I see the role of the Parish Council as really trying to help the pastor accomplish his goals at the parish,” Mark said. “How can we help him?”
Mark has recently started serving with the St. Vincent de Paul Society, too, after admiring their work for years—and of course, some enthusiastic encouragement from fellow 7:30 a.m. Mass-goer Edie Varley.

He’s especially enjoyed going on home visits to “Neighbors in Need,” which is something he’d never really pictured himself doing before.

“I’ve always gone [on home visits] with the people who knew what they were doing,” Mark said. “They are just so good, not just about...delivering assistance to our Neighbors in Need, but how they interact with people.”

He feels blessed to be part of a Parish with so many people of faith and action.

“I’ve been probably most impressed by the talents and the commitment of my fellow parishioners and their willingness to share their gifts, not only with the Parish but with the community at large. Honestly, I didn’t know that existed. I just didn’t realize that there were that many people who are so committed—not just interested in, but committed to—doing good works,” Mark said. “(My wife and I) are playing catch-up to what’s been going on here for awhile.”

Faith has always been important to Mark and Linda, and he’s especially proud that his four children and 12 grandchildren share their love for the Church. In fact, three of his children married people who converted to Catholicism after starting their relationship.

“Faith is strong for our children, and we’re so happy about that,” he said.

As for the Parish, Mark hopes everyone else can find the joy he’s found in getting involved.

“I would hope that we can continue to grow the Parish—not just attract parishioners, but involve parishioners,” Mark said. “There’s something here for everybody.”


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