Athletic Association

Athletic Association

This association was formed for the purpose of providing adult-supervised Catholic education in athletics for the youth of St. Anselm Parish. The volunteer soccer program is always in need of coaches, assistant coaches, team parents, sponsors, and general helping hands.

Men, women, and teens are encouraged to help make this program flourish. Ongoing needs include individuals to help with registration, field management, field care, and scheduling umpires and referees.

Click HERE to register and to learn more (click the green "Log In" button in the top right-hand corner to log in/create an account, then continue with registration). 

If you have questions, please contact John Steinhubl at



It is the goal of the soccer program at St. Anselm to promote a positive experience surrounding the game of soccer for each child. We are dedicated to providing a safe, family-oriented environment for our children to learn and to enjoy organized sporting activities. The goal of this program is not only to teach our children how to play soccer, but also how to be a good sport in both victory and defeat.

Who Can Play?

Soccer is open to all boys and girls, K through 8th grade who meet AT LEAST ONE of the following criteria:

  Registered members of St. Anselm Parish

  Attend St. Anselm PSR

  Reside in the St. Anselm Parish boundaries

  Attend a school located within the parish boundaries


Training League (Kindergarten)

  Season runs from early September through mid-November

  One practice during the week


CYC League (Grades 1-8)

  Season runs from early September through mid-November

  One practice during the week

  CYC ID Card required



Training League (K) & CYC League (Grades 1-8)               $120 per player

  Registration fee after July 1st will be $130.

  A $20 parishioner discount and multi-child discount will be given on all soccer registrations after the first family member.  This discount will be taken when you checkout, if it applies.



Uniforms are purchased by individual families and ordered on-line through BSN Sports.  The link to order uniforms will be available in July.

CYC Cards

All participants must obtain a CYC ID card. You can securely apply for a CYC ID Card online at


Parent Participation - Helps with the Success of Our Program!

All parents are encouraged to volunteer in our soccer program as a Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager, practice/game helper, or party organizer.  If your team already has a Head Coach, please ask him/her what you can do to help the team.  Parent participation helps with the success of our soccer program!

Each volunteer (coach, assistant coach) must fulfill their Archdiocese obligation by being compliant with the guidelines listed below. Non-compliance means we cannot accept volunteers that we greatly appreciate and need to make our St. Anselm programs successful. 


Parent Volunteers

  All parent volunteers must attend the Protecting God's Children Workshop and complete a background check. Click HERE for schedule.

Coaches & Assistant Coaches

  All Coaches and Assistant Coaches must register online through the SportsSignUp Play system.  (no fee to register)

  All Coaches must complete the requirement below.

Requirements For Coaching a St. Anselm CYC Team

PLEASE NOTE:  ALL COACHES & ASSISTANT COACHES MUST REGISTER!  There is no fee for this registration.

There are five requirements for coaches that must be met in order to coach at St. Anselm.  We realize fulfilling these requirements is an up-front time commitment for prospective coaches, but we need to ensure all our coaches have the proper training and background screening in order to provide a safe and positive experience for the children in the program.  Each task is a one-time requirement for coaching any sport for the St. Anselm Athletic Association.

  1. Attend "Protecting God's Children Training Class"
  2. Sign the "Commitment to Ethical Conduct form"
  3. Complete the Background Screening - "Worker Registration Form".
  4. Attend the "Coaching to Make a Positive Difference" online class
  5. Obtain a CYC Card

1.) Protecting God's Children Training Workshop

All head coaches and assistant coaches of all teams are required to attend the "Protecting God’s Children" class.  This class is offered at various parishes and locations throughout the St. Louis area.  You can attend at any location. Click HERE for upcoming classes.

2.) Commitment to Ethical Conduct Form

All head coaches AND all assistant coaches must read, sign, and return the Protecting God's Children Commitment to Ethical Conduct form on page 11 of the Commitment to Ethical Conduct document:

  Download the Code of Ethical Conduct file HERE.

  Read the document, sign page 11, sign and date, and email to

You may also mail or drop off:

                                St. Anselm Parish Office

                                Attn: Karen

                               530 S. Mason Road

                               Creve Coeur, MO 63141

3.) Background Screening

All head coaches and all assistant coaches of all sports teams must complete and return to the Ascension rectory the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Family Care Safety Worker Registration form. 

  Download the Worker Registration PDF HERE.

  Complete the requested sections listed below **

  Return the form to the Parish Office.  Please note, if you choose to complete the form online, you still need to submit a copy to the Parish Office, so they may access the results.  

  Email:

  Mail or drop off:

                                 St. Anselm Parish Office

                                 Attn: Karen 

                                 530 S. Mason Road

                                 Creve Coeur, MO 63141

** Please complete the following sections:

  Registration Type: Check "Voluntary" (left column only)

  Complete Social Security Number legibly (but no copy of card needed)

  Complete Personal Information, Contact Information as directed

  Employer Associated Section complete right column and list volunteer

  Sign and date

You only need to submit the form one time.  However, St. Anselm will request the background check every even-numbered year as long as you are coaching on behalf of a St. Anselm team.

Please contact Karen Krueger at the Parish Office at 314.878.2120 ext. 10, or at with any questions regarding this step. 

4.) Coaching to Make a Positive Difference

All head and assistant coaches of all sports teams are required to complete the "Coaching to Make a Positive Difference" class.

The class will take approximately 2.5 hours to complete.  There is a $19.95 fee payable with a credit card or PayPal. Click HERE for the online class. 

5.) Obtain a Coach's CYC ID Card

You will receive a number after completing the “Coaching To Make A Positive Difference” course.  Enter this number when obtaining your Coach's CYC ID card.  Carry this card with you to all games. Click HERE to obtain a CYC card.


Coaches, please be sure you have enabled SMS/Texting notifications on your account.  Also, you can download the SportsSignUp Play app to make managing your team even easier!  See the instructions below.

Text Notifications

Please be sure you have SMS-Texting notifications enabled for your account. 

  Log into your account

  From your account home page, click "Account Settings" from the Account Options menu on the right

  Then choose "Mobile Phone Settings" from the Account Options menu on the right

  Add a mobile phone number to your account.  If one has already been added, then choose "Enable Texting"

Manage Your Team Website

Add events to your team calendar, view player availability, email your team, and more.  Find detailed instructions in the Coach Users Guide. Once you have your account set up, you can download the SportsSignUp Mobile App

Exclusive family feed (all of your St. Anselm team schedules in one place)

     Easily track schedules throughout the season

     Get instant notifications when your games are moved or cancelled

     Communicate directly with your team using the chat feature

     Upload photos & videos to your feed

To get the app, click one of the links below from your mobile device or visit the App or Google Play Store.

SportsSignUp Mobile App - iTunes

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